Sallie’s love of Montessori started at an early age. She was a Montessori student in Pat Headrick and Terri Codlins’ Primary class at First Presbyterian in 1988 and 1989. Those years in that classroom helped form who she is today. She is a life-long learner thanks to Montessori.

Born in LaGrange, she grew up in a family that valued individuality and education. Her parents taught her the importance of tolerance, independence, acceptance, love, equality, empathy, and a sense of humor. These are all principles she and her husband, Scott, believe in and instill in their children. Her oldest child, Eli, is a Senior at LaGrange High School. He is part of the inaugural class of Hillside Montessori, going from his first year all the way through the Adolescent program. He still considers Hillside “home” and has made lifelong friends there. Her youngest child, Lucy Pearl, is currently enrolled at Hillside Montessori and is in the Upper Elementary community. She is part of the first Primary class at Hillside. She has a strong independent spirit, which Hillside fosters and celebrates. Lucy Pearl feels just like her brother, that Hillside is like home. Both of her children have been in a Montessori Community since they were 18 months. Eli entered public high school his freshman year, and has done wonderfully with the transition.

Sallie has always wanted to work with children. She believes in the Montessori method and is proud to be in the presence of others who feel the same way. She studied early education and child development at West Ga. Technical College and LaGrange College. The 2023/2024 school year will be her 5th year working at Hillside. She was a teacher’s assistant in the Lower and Upper Communities and now is in the Toddler Community working alongside her Montessori teacher, Pat Headrick. Her love of music plays a huge part in her life. She especially loves live music, seeing Dave Matthews Band every year. Cooking with her kids is also an activity she enjoys. Some of her other hobbies include making wind chimes, reading historical fiction/ non-fiction books, playing card games, finding a bargain, and making jewelry. There isn’t much she doesn’t like! Well maybe kayaking…. Ask Bethany about that!