Bonnie-joy Allen joined the Hillside community in 2023 as a Lower Elementary Assistant Guide, while she completed her Montessori certification training program. Originally from Oklahoma, Bonnie-joy spent much of her childhood and young adulthood moving across the U.S., before settling in Lagrange in 2006. She and her husband, Russell, began their parenting journey with the guardianship of Bonnie-joy’s 2 siblings in 2009, and their family continued to blossom with the birth of 4 more little Allens.

Leaving the field of business administration in 2013, Bonnie-joy stepped out of the workforce and into home education. She had the privilege of homeschooling her children for 9 years- the early childhood years, in particular, being heavily influenced by Montessori philosophy. Through homeschooling and teaching within co-ops and small learning pods, she has continually built on her passion to encourage a life-long love of learning in children.

Her other passions include studying languages, gardening, reading, singing, and being surrounded by her awesome, bustling, show-tune-singing family.