Kristin was born in rural Alabama. Her family subsistence farmed and produced a gardening magazine. Rural life provided many opportunities to garden, fish, and gather. She lived near family, so respect and reciprocity for neighbors was just a part of life. She feels a great connection to nature and all of creation.

She went to the University of South Alabama and majored in Anthropology. Her training in Anthropology strengthened her love for human beings and taught her how to communicate with people of varying cultural backgrounds. She then went to the University of Southern Mississippi to earn a Masters in Anthropology and Community Health Science. Her thesis was on Childhood Obesity in Mississippi. Throughout her life, she has looked for the way to do the most good for humanity. She found Montessori. She needed a part-time job in graduate school and inquired at a Montessori school. Immediately, she noticed the same shade of blue on various works in the classroom. She was hired on the spot. In her quest to do the most good for humanity, Montessori kept calling to her. The peace of the children doing their work allows them to find peace in their lives. The order they find allows them to find order in their lives. She realized Montessori education is the way to do the most good for humanity.

She received Montessori Training in Mobile, AL provided by the American Montessori Society (AMS) San Francisco Bay Area Teacher Training Center. After the school she was working at closed, parents of children she taught expressed their gratitude and hope that she would continue teaching Montessori. She created and directed her own school in Hattiesburg, MS, The Little Montessori. After four years, she decided it was time for change and applied at Hillside Montessori. She is excited to continue her work with the primary students here.