Our school’s vision began with a group of First Presbyterian Church Montessori Preschool parents who wanted to see their children continue their Montessori education through the elementary years. Hillside Montessori of LaGrange, LLC Elementary was officially incorporated in September of 2011, as a nonprofit organization with a Board of Directors made up of parents and community members. Their dream included a school with a strong sense of community and a nurturing environment, thus partnerships with DASH of LaGrange and LaGrange College were formed.

Why Give?

Hillside Montessori of LaGrange, Inc is a non-profit organization, and as such, we depend upon the support and generosity of our community.  This support provides funds that continue to improve our learning environment for our students. As with most independent schools, our goal is to cover all operational expenses through tuition collected; however, we still need your support to fulfill our school’s mission.

Contributions are necessary to expand possibilities for our students, and there are a number of ways in which you can support us.

Ways to Give to Hillside Montessori of LaGrange, Inc

Annual Fund

Donations to the Annual Fund support the general operating budget.  These gifts are the most important way we supplement the difference between tuition revenue and total operating costs. Annual fund gifts support current educational programs and allow us to plan for future growth.

Scholarship Fund

Hillside Montessori of LaGrange, Inc strives to keep tuition low, but there are still families that need extra support to pay for their child’s education each year.   Please consider a donation to this very important fund at Hillside Montessori of LaGrange, Inc Montessori School for families in need.

Special Events

Fundraising events are a great way to build relationships with our parents, alumni, and community members. Throughout the year, the school and the parent group sponsor fundraising activities. Please watch for these sales and events.

Gifts of Time and Talent

Please call if you are interested in volunteering, and we will help you find the right way to participate.

We would like to thank the organizations and individuals  who contributed to recent grants!

Charter Foundation Grant

Through popular vote, Hillside Montessori was one of two recipients of the Charter Foundation Non-Profit Grant. We were in need of a technology upgrade, and this $5,000 grant allowed us to purchase new laptop computers for each of our classrooms. Our Upper Elementary classroom was also able to order new Science and Math materials.


Woodman Life Grant

The local chapter of Woodman Life Insurance Company awarded Hillside Montessori with a $1,000 grant for an inspired playground renovation. Students from each class voted on outdoor play equipment to enhance their freetime experience.

Callaway Foundation Discretionary Grants

Hillside Montessori has received two discretionary grants from individuals on the Board of Trustees of the Callaway Foundation, one for $10,000 and one for $5,000. These funds contributed directly to the recent growth of our school with the addition of two new programs, Primary and Adolescent.

Hillside Montessori is grateful to The Callaway Foundation for a grant of $1.5 million for the Imagine the Harvest capital campaign and building fund.

Private Donor

Through a local private donor, the school received a $10,000 donation to support our Music, Art, and Scholarship programs.

Board of Directors Pledge

The Hillside Montessori Board of Directors recently pledged over $150,000 to kick-off our Capital Campaign for a permanent school home.