Primary room

The children that participate at the Primary level are learning to do things by and for themselves, learning how to resolve conflicts, and how to function as a member of a community. We integrate opportunities to develop social skills and executive functioning. We take advantage of several sensitive periods (a length of time when a child is particularly open to order, movement, language, mathematical patterns, the senses, etc.) to help guide each child’s developmental learning.

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Lower Elementary Classroom

Elementary children, in their 2nd plane of development, have moved beyond their initial questions of “What?” and “Who?” to a desire to know “How?” and “Why?”. They are now capable of developing an understanding of abstract ideas, as their imaginations push them to inquire more deeply about the world around them. During this stage of development, children become social creatures, and the mixed-age, student-lead classroom allows them to embrace this sensitive period for socialization.

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Upper Elementary Classroom

The Upper Elementary program at Hillside Montessori of LaGrange is an extension of the student’s world. Due to this fact, emotional aspects of the student play a key developmental role. We help the student learn how to be part of a community while also focusing on the importance of work and collaboration. We do not shy away from difficult issues, but rather we try to help students learn to work through them.  Our class can be both calm and productive and lively and exciting as collaboration takes place. Each year, we collectively create a community contract, that we then look to for guidance as issues arise. Part of this process places emphasis on the student’s responsibility and ownership of the class community.

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Adolescent Community

At Hillside Montessori, the Adolescent program is committed to serving the students’ maximum potential by guiding their physical, moral, social, emotional, and intellectual development in order to prepare the adolescent for the adult world and embody a lifetime love of learning.

Our vision is to provide an authentic Montessori education in which students internalize self-worth, are prepared to lead, and make positive contributions as adults in society.

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